Supporting Families Ministry

Thank you very much for your partnership in the gospel as part of the congregation at St. John’s.  We rely heavily on your prayers, your personal involvement and your financial support.  

We need to raise an additional £25,000 to fund our Families’ and Young People’s ministry this year.  This seems like a large sum, but if everyone on the electoral roll donated the equivalent of one take-away coffee per week, that would easily cover it. 

This ministry is critically important for outreach, for the next generation and for effective evangelism at St. John’s:  

  • Outreach: Love Southbourne has continued to engage with the village during Covid, showing Christ’s love in action. This has built valuable bridges into the community.
  • Next Generation:  None of us is getting any younger!  If we are to continue a vibrant and effective witness to the Lord Jesus at St. John’s we need to meet and include more young people.  This ministry is the way to do this.  
  • Evangelism: The majority of new members joining St. John’s, people coming to Alpha Courses and those joining Confirmation Classes have come from the Families’ and Young People’s ministry

We have identified a way we can access match funding.  This means that every £ 1 you give will be worth £ 2 to St. John’s.  For example, if you were able to donate £ 1,000 now and sign a Gift Aid declaration then this will be worth £ 1,250 to St. John’s plus a further £ 1,250 of match funding, meaning that your £ 1,000 will be worth £ 2,500!  

 If you are able to contribute towards funding this ministry at this time, would you please click this button to give online:  

If you would prefer to give by cheque or by direct transfer to St. John’s bank account, please contact the Treasurer, Ian Maclennan on and he will be glad to help you.  

Matt Luff writes:  

“Would you believe it has been three years since Richard and Kim and their family joined us as our families and youth workers at St John’s Church? It has been three exciting and challenging years of innovating and energising our families’ ministry, and we have seen a wide range of outreach and community events to build on our Love Southbourne project to make Christ known in Southbourne. We have all been encouraged by their ideas, variety, energy and passion for spreading the name of Jesus Christ. They have written in detail about their work and plans for the future (click for link).  Initially we had funding from the Diocese to support this new post. This has gradually reduced over the three years and now we have to support the families and youth work ourselves.

Thank you so much for your valuable support of this ministry through prayer and encouragement, as well as financially.

God bless you, 

Matt Luff and the PCC

Carter family
Richard, Kim and their family