St John’s Organ Refurbishment

The organ at St John’s has given us wonderful service over the years, but it is now in need of a major overhaul.

The internal action of the organ, which makes the pipes sound when the keys are played, is over 40 years old, and is failing. Even though the organ is tuned regularly, it is getting harder to fix problems, and spare parts are not always available.

We want to give the organ a new lease of life, bringing it up to modern standards, and enhancing the organ’s sound, so it will give at least another 40 years of service to our congregation and community.

This renovation will cost £23,000. We already have just over half of this amount, so we need to raise a further £10,000, and it would be wonderful if you could help us reach the total.

You can donate by clicking here or using the QR code below: