The Parochial Church Council (PCC) helps the church to play it’s part in God’s mission, cooperates with the minister, ensures legal compliance with charity and ecclesiastical law, cares for our buildings and is a channel of consultation within the wider church.

This year our Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday 25th April, 7.30pm in Church, please click the links below for electronic copies of last year’s minutes, this year’s agenda, and the Annual Reports (click the down arrow on the menu below to open on your device, which will also allow you to read it full screen.)

PCC Update February 2024
The PCC meeting was held on February 22nd , the anniversary of Tom’s arrival with us.
Plans for Easter, D-day 80th Anniversary, Sussex Day Fete and Christian Aid week are all
coming together. There was further detail discussed about the team structure which spreads the workload of running the church between more people with particular expertise and/or enthusiasm to offer.
There will be an Open Morning in the Centre on Saturday March 9th when everyone can see
and discuss the Centre redevelopment plans. Gill Prosser had written a paper about possible National Lottery funding for discussion at PCC: the PCC decided we were not happy to pursue Lottery funding for the Centre redevelopment.
There are plans for a PCC Awayday in June, following election of the new PCC members at
the APCM on April 25th (please note the date in your diary now!), and for a whole church
Awayday in September. Ian demonstrated his new toy, the Pay Station, which should make giving easier in a cashless world. Please continue to pray for Tom and the PCC. The full minutes are available from the Church Office.
Sarah Maclennan

During 2023, the PCC prayed into a restructuring that delegates more responsibilities to Teams (sub-committees) that would meet to pray, discuss and report back to the PCC. The hope is that more people can be involved in running the Church, and the PCC has more time for our longer-term aims and vision.
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(Click to enlarge) PCC Team Structure
(Click to enlarge) Whole-church ministry

Here is a more in-depth introduction to the PCC, its aims and responsibilites: