BEATS was set up in 2007 by THIS CHURCH! Even now, 3 of the 6 trustees are members of St John’s Southbourne, namely Martin Fair, Julie Collins and Elaine Hooper. Feel free to chat to these people; also to Ian Maclennan, who was treasurer for a number of years and Geoff Collett, who was secretary. 

BEATS was born from this congregation’s desire to help the 240,000 victims of the 2004 Boxing Day earthquake and tsunami and, since its conception, has largely focused its work in Indonesia, near the epicentre of the earthquake, where 175,000 people died. 

The charity was started in order to a) have no ‘middle-men’, therefore to know that 100% of our giving would reach the people for whom it is intended, b) to take nothing from BEATS funds for expenses (which are covered by trustees personally). We enjoy telling people that 100% of their donation will reach the people they want it to help, c) be a Christian presence in the country (Indonesia) that has more Muslims than any other country in the world; reaching them through practical help, love, emotional support, prayer and faithfulness; trying to be Jesus’ hands and feet through a servant-hearted yet wise approach. We also help Christians and others.

Since then, BEATS has also helped victims of many other earthquakes and tsunamis. Currently work is focused in 5 Indonesian areas:

1. Aceh, North West Indonesia, where the tsunami of 2004 caused the most destruction:

a) Student sponsorship (tsunami victims) via ‘YACAN’ Indonesian charity since 2005 and ‘YSI’ Indonesian charity more recently. 

b) Disaster Preparedness training, principally in schools, and Micro-businesses, such as sewing, cooking, farming, lobster-farming, both via ‘YSI’ since 2018.

2 Medan, Sumatra, supporting ‘YACAN’ Children’s Home. This Christian home of about 40 young people was set up in 2010 by YACAN, with dedicated, servant-hearted Indonesian staff who love the young people and which has daily devotions and worship etc.

3. Medan, Sumatra, supporting ‘YASAH’ Children’s Home since 2012. This Christian home of about 120 young people includes a large school of about 300+ pupils, also attended by children from nearby villages. BEATS have largely supported teachers’ salaries. YASAH home also has daily devotions and worship etc. The Director is also Pastor of their own church/worship centre.

BEATS are slowly winding down support for YACAN and YASAH, whose earthquake victims are becoming fewer as they grow up, leave and launch themselves into adulthood! However, some who have already left are being supported through university via an individual, Habel, well-known to trustees as who used to be Headteacher at YASAH School.

4. Ambon, East Indonesia, which supports victims of the September 2019 earthquake. Supporting since early 2020, this is now BEATS main focus, via an Ambon Bethel Church, a registered Indonesian charity. BEATS are supporting in 3 ways:

a) Rebuilding houses that collapsed in the earthquake, families currently living in homemade shacks. As a small charity, this is a one-by-one process. This July we are hoping to start House No.15. It is appropriate timing because half the funds were provided as part of St John’s Mission giving and the other half by a legacy from a member of St. John’s. Praise God!

b) Micro-business loans, to help poor families who are earthquake victims make a start in self-sufficiency; such as, cooking, small shops, fishing, sewing.

c) Family/child sponsorship. A number of young people are STILL waiting for a sponsor! Please help if you can. Any amount. Check out the ‘sponsor’ page on the BEATS website. www.beatscharity.co.uk/sponsor 

5. Disaster Preparedness in Bali, Central Indonesia. All over Indonesia and the Philippines, people are expecting ‘The Big One’, as it is called out there, within the next 20-30 years. Places such as Bali have the added concern of an active volcano, as well as earthquakes which could trigger a volcano; also flooding, tsunami near the coastal areas and landslides in the very mountainous areas. BEATS are supporting an 18-month training programme for locals via YASERA Indonesian charity.

Thank you for reading thus far! 

Speak with a current trustee if you would like to join us on the trustee team.

Donate via St.John’s ‘wonderful.org‘ link or directly to ‘British Earthquake And Tsunami Support’ Sort code: 08-92-99   A/C No: 65248849 Ref: your surname, please, or post a cheque to BEATS 47 Arnold Way Bosham PO18 8NJ. If you would like to sponsor a child, student or family, or support BEATS General Fund or Building Fund, please check out the website or contact 07940 454420 www.beatscharity.co.uk

Please note that BEATS operate a ‘designated funds’ (not ‘restricted funds’) policy; ask for more details. BEATS Annual Reports and Accounts are all on the BEATS website, including 2023. www.beatscharity.co.uk

www.beatscharity.co.uk                                             enquiries@beatscharity.co.uk 

Top Right photo is the old house roof before rebuilding.  Top Left photo is the new home (House No. 10).

Lower photo is 3 sponsored children in Ambon with Dad and Grandma, BEATS Chair (Sarah Page) and Pastor John (in the red shirt) who organises the Ambon work for BEATS.

Further details of the work of BEATS can be found at https://www.beatscharity.co.uk/