‘British Earthquake And Tsunami Support’ (BEATS) was registered at the end of 2007, having been set up to continue the support started by St John’s Church Southbourne West Sussex of victims in Indonesia of the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004.

Most people are aware, through media coverage, of the wide devastation and destruction caused by this tsunami to many countries and even covering continents! The effect on Aceh, Indonesia, was particularly catastrophic, as this state was very near to the epicentre of the earthquake that triggered the tsunami. Approximately 170,000 people died in Indonesia alone! Nearly 2 decades on, we are excited to not only have helped many young people through school and not a few through university too, but also to still have great relationships with them and their families.

BEATS is a small Christian charity, partnering mainly with five Indonesian charities: 

1) ‘YACAN’ = ‘Father Loves the Children of South East Asia Foundation’, which helps Muslim and Christian young people in Medan and Aceh,

2) ‘YASAH’ = ‘Streams of living Water and Grace Foundation’, helping mainly Christian young people in Medan,

3) ‘YSI’ = ‘International Channel Foundation’, organising, amongst Muslims, Disaster Preparedness training and small-scale businesses in Aceh,

4) ‘GBI Ambon’ = ‘Indonesian Bethlehem Bethel Church Ambon’, organising house-building, small-scale business loans and child/family sponsorship in Ambon,

5) ‘YASERA’ = ‘Wholistic help – Life in all its Fullness’, organising Disaster Preparedness in Bali.

BEATS’ supporters can help in one or more of the following ways: a) BEATS ‘General Fund’, b) ‘Sponsorship’, c) ‘Building Houses’, d) ‘Start-up Micro-Business Loans’, e) ‘Disaster Preparedness’, f) ‘Visiting Families Fund’, g) Medical needs. Letters, photos and video clips are sent and received between sponsors and sponsored, and good relationships are built. There are no ‘middle men’ at all, so it is exciting to know exactly what happens to the money raised.

The Chair (Sarah Page) has visited the projects each year since 2007 (except 2009 and during the Covid pandemic). About three dozen supporters have also visited at various times. It is worth noting here that trustees pay for all their own expenses. Sarah has been impressed by the developments that are taking place and the positive difference that we in England are making to the lives of the earthquake and tsunami victims. She says, “It is particularly moving to see and hear the children and adults singing their hearts out in praises to the Lord for all His benefits to them and it is very humbling that they thank God daily in their prayers for BEATS supporters”. The children, their families/carers and our partners in Indonesia are very grateful for the regular contact and care from people in England.

BEATS has helped victims of the Boxing Day 2004 Aceh Tsunami, March 2005 Nias Island earthquake, September 2009 Padang earthquake, January 2010 Haiti earthquake, October 2010 Mentawai Islands tsunami, March 2011 Japan tsunami, October 2013 Philippines earthquake, 2015 Nepal earthquakes, 2016 Pidie Aceh earthquake, July/August 2018 Lombok earthquakes, September 2018 Sulawesi earthquake / tsunami / liquefaction, September 2019 Ambon Maluku earthquake, November 2021 Seram Maluku earthquake and October 2022 North Sumatra earthquake.

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Top Right photo is the old house roof before rebuilding.  Top Left photo is the new home (House No. 10).

Lower photo is 3 sponsored children in Ambon with Dad and Grandma, BEATS Chair (Sarah Page) and Pastor John (in the red shirt) who organises the Ambon work for BEATS.

Further details of the work of BEATS can be found at https://www.beatscharity.co.uk/