2 Serve Trust

2Serve Trust was formed in 2006 to support work the Smiths and Marsdens were doing since 2001, mostly in Uganda.

John and Angela provided goats, cows, chickens, and tools and sewing machines to various groups of widows and orphans. They also shipped about 13,000kg of 2nd hand science equipment and about 10,000 books to over 30 Schools in Uganda.

In 2016 they enabled a new secondary school to open with good facilities and a Christian ethos, specialising in quality science teaching. Following a typhoid outbreak, they put in a water collection and purification system, and installed a borehole to which the local community have access. Rising living costs mean the school is currently only at half capacity which affects their ability to pay all the staff. The Headteacher sells his coffee crop to help fund the school and is renting land to grow food to help feed the students. The current need is to build a security fence following a nasty break-in.

Anne and Tim have been providing ‘member care’ support to expatriates in East Africa and Central Asia. In Uganda they have supported a local Human Rights organisation. The leader has been so successful in bringing people to justice, that he is now in hiding. Tim and Anne have trained people in Team Building and Family Life especially in Uganda.

They also support passionate Ugandan Evangelists who have reached 10’s of 1000s of school students in several areas. Many have come to faith and they have trained teachers and pastors in discipling them. 2serve has enabled 1 pastor to get an MA in Theology and Leadership so he can teach in a Christian University. He has a team of Street preachers and some Muslims have come to faith. 2 of the team are being prosecuted for “speaking words with the intent to wound religious feelings”. 2serve is has paid money to release them on bail from an overcrowded prison and is paying for their legal support when the case comes to trial.