Scrapbooking for Posterity

From 1927 until 1996 various members of St John’s kept Parish Scrapbooks which are now safely preserved in the West Sussex Records Office. Craft Club would like to revive the tradition and are looking for material from 1996 onwards. We need photos, newspaper cuttings, flyers etc. The important thing is that (particularly with photographs) we need to know who? when? why? The Records Office will not accept undated, unnamed photos. We only need one or two items from each event.

If you are able to donate material please put it in an envelope and give it to Janice. Please also mark the envelope with your own name and whether or not you want unused items returned to you. Assuming we receive enough material, we hope to run a Scrapbooking Day in the Centre on Saturday 3rd September. You will be very welcome to come along to help – more details will follow.