Private Prayer in the Church

I am pleased to announce that St John’s Church will be open for private prayer in accordance with the Bishop’s guidelines on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, between 9am and 12pm from Monday 15th June.

Church will be opened by a keyholder at 9am and locked at 12pm. Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance. Please use this on entering the building. Chairs have been arranged in pairs that are 2 metres apart. Please do not move them from where they are or move any other chairs which are clearly roped off with red & white hazard tape. Please respect the space of anyone else in the building and maintain a social distance recommended at 2 metres. Please bear in mind that other people have also come for quiet. A laminated marker will be available for you to collect. Please leave this on the chairs you have used so cleaners will know.

Sadly, led worship or communal praying/singing is not allowed. Unfortunately no Bibles, songbooks or other written material will be available as the virus is known to survive for some time, even on these surfaces. This is all to reduce the risk of passing COVID-19 to someone else.

If you want to pray in St John’s I suggest you bring your own Bible and perhaps some music to listen to through headphones if that is helpful. The sound system and musical equipment is presently unavailable for use. I do hope, even given these restrictions that being in a familiar place of prayer will be helpful to you.

Remember that at Pentecost the Spirit filled the house before the people!

Love Matt