March Eco News

Some ways to reduce food waste.

Fruit and Veg. Store berries dry in the fridge and wash just before use
for longer life. Bananas are one of the UK’s most wasted foods. Freeze ones that are overripe in chunks, then blend from frozen with, say, peanut butter. Make banana pancakes.
Freeze citrus fruit by cutting into slices and freeze flat. Freeze loose berries flat. Then bag ready for use. Keep soft herbs, such as parsley or coriander in a jar with 2.5cm of water and keep in fridge. Store mushrooms with some air flow, not an airtight container.

Store crumbs from breadboard in a tub in the freezer. Once full can be used for fish cakes, chicken nuggets. Use out of date nuts, dried fruit, hard cheese to make fat balls for the birds.

Organise your fridge so that leftover veg/food that needs
using quickly is kept at the front. Keep an eye on your freezer so you don’t end up with UFOs (unidentified freezer objects).

Check the website for more ideas and ways to use leftovers.