Lockdown – November 2020

Dear St John’s Family,
I am sure you have been following the news and were probably not surprised, though disappointed to hear of the lockdown announced on Saturday.As a result, regular church worship services will be online only from next weekend until December 2nd, which includes Remembrance Day. All centre based activities will have to stop for a month and staff will return to working from home. Funerals and Weddings may still be held in church with the relevant restrictions.We will continue our virtual online ministry, daily updates, evening Bible study, monthly prayer meeting and Alpha group and also our pastoral support. We have been expecting there would be a second spike so we are working towards a streaming service which can also be recorded, but this will take a little time to set up.May I say many many thanks for those who have committed to continuing our ministry at this challenging time. If you need to talk, please call!