Our Beliefs


If God does exist, how would we know?

Some might look to the beauty of the world. Or to a sense that there must be more than we can see or measure. For Christians, God has made himself known by entering into the world as a human, Jesus from Nazareth.

It is an incredible story. But, if there is a creator, the story should be incredible.

Many people who spent time with Jesus came to believe that he was God. In particular, they believed he had died and risen to new life.

There had been obstacles to knowing and being with God – none of us are holy enough, none of us are good enough. The Bible calls this problem sin – not just a list of naughty things, but hearts that have turned completely away from their creator. Left to ourselves, we wouldn’t know God and deserve death.

But, through Jesus’ death and resurrection, we can now come to God, know his forgiveness, and share in his new life.

We know that these are extraordinary claims, so we’d love to explain to you why we believe. One way we do this is through Alpha. If you’d like to ask some of those big life questions in a relaxed and informal way, please get in touch using the links on the right.

You’re also very welcome to join us on Sundays and throughout the week in our Church Centre. You’ll get a warm welcome and a chance to hear about Jesus and the new life he brings.


Having come to know God, we want to grow in love for God and for others. When we open our Bibles, and hear about God’s love towards us, his Spirit grows our love for him and for his world.

Meeting together on Sundays, gathering in small groups and spending time each day quietly reflecting on God’s word – in these ways and others, God’s Spirit is at work in our hearts. The great thing about God’s love, and the love he calls us to, is that it’s strong and empowering. It’s the kind of love that led Jesus to die on behalf of people who rejected him.

It’s a transforming love that makes a difference.It’s God’s power to take imperfect people and bring us closer to who God designed us to be. 

So, having come to know God and his love, we’re called to live every day as followers of Jesus. We want to take the good news out to our communities – speaking about Jesus and living in a way that honours him.

Much of what we do is encouraging one another to live out our faith and to follow Jesus where he is leading. Following Jesus doesn’t make life easier, but it is a great adventure.

You can know God with you and see people’s lives and eternities transformed.

Is Jesus prompting you to find out what it would mean to know, love and follow him?

If so, please come and find out more.

Tom Robson, September 2023