Mission Support

St. John’s Church and members of the congregation practically and prayerfully support a variety of missions in the UK and abroad, covering a wide spectrum of needs. We particularly support missions and charities where we have personal links with those in the mission field.

St John’s Church tithes its income to mission. We invite speakers to speak to the congregation, so that we can be more knowledgeable about the needs of the world, caring as Christ cares about people’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

We aim to regularly support the following:

Emmanuel International (Africa & South America)    www.eiuk.org.uk
Frontiers (Central Asia)   www.frontiers.org.uk
Release International (mainly Pakistan)    www.releaseinternational.org
Serving In Mission (Malawi)   www.sim.co.uk
BEATS British Earthquake And Tsunami Support (mainly Indonesia)    www.beatscharity.co.uk
YWAM Youth With A Mission (Uganda)    www.ywam.org
2Serve Trust (Worldwide)
Send A Cow (Africa)    www.sendacow.org.uk
The Beacon Centre –   www.thebeaconyouthcentre.org.uk
Love in Action (Nepal & India)    www.communitychurchkillingworth.com/world_nepal_khat.html
Lifecentre (Chichester)    www.lifecentre.uk.com
Chichester Family Support   www.familysupportwork.org.uk
Lifewords (Worldwide)   www.lifewords.com