Groups for Women

Craft Club
The Craft Club is a very informal group which meets in St John’s Church Centre, three times a month, on the first Wednesday from 9.45am until 4.00pm and on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month from 1.45pm until 4.00pm.
Wednesdays are Project Days when we bring our own projects and a packed lunch.  If you need help or advice starting something new or if you are stuck on an ‘unfinished object’, this is the time – there are plenty of people willing to help.  Thursday afternoons are more structured and we aim to try something different each session.  We hope that members will join in with the afternoon’s project but, if it doesn’t appeal, please still come along,  bring your own piece of work ,and just enjoy the company.
We charge £2 per session which covers a cup of tea or coffee and often the materials as well.  Any extra material costs are notified well in advance.
If you would like to see the programme for 2018, click here.  To speak to someone about the group please contact St. John’s office.

Prayer Support
We are committed to praying for the Women in our community. If you would like to be prayed for or to meet for prayer, please get in touch with the St. John’s office.