Man Up – Sunday 7th January 2018

Man Up, the group just for men. Every Sunday at 8 p.m. in the Church Centre.

Happy New Year!  

Our next meeting is on Sunday, 7th January 2018 at 8 p.m. in the lounge at the St. John’s Church Centre with Ian Maclennan leading us.  We will be continuing with the eighth in our series looking at John’s first letter.  Our series title is:

“What makes Christians so different?”  

In week 1 in this series the apostle John emphasised that his account of Jesus is as an eyewitness.  His purpose in writing is to proclaim Jesus and encouraging the believers in their fellowship with the Father and the Son.

In week 2 we focused on light and darkness as well as considering some false teachings which John was keen to refute.

In week 3 looked at obedience, lifestyle and consistency and saw that obedience to Christ’s commands and brotherly love are great indications of the Holy Spirit’s work in our hearts as he causes us to be more and more like the Lord Jesus.

In week 4 we looked at words of warning from John.  We saw that we must not love the world, that is society organised apart from God.  John warned us about the lust of the flesh (our appetites); the lust of the eyes (appearances) and pride of life (boasting), which should be carefully avoided.

In week 5 we looked at what John has to teach us about believing in Jesus and being steadfast in that belief.

In week 6 we looked at what it means to be children of God.  John sets out the privilege we have, as well as the responsibilities, since we are children of the living God, having been born again into new life.

In week 7 we looked at how we demonstrate love as God’s children and John got down to practicalities.  He also tackled how we can be sure that we belong to Christ and came back to the three tests (obedience, brotherly love and belief in Christ).

As we resume this term, we will be looking at being spiritually discerning.  In the apostle John’s day there was a lot of noise out there and it was hard to tell who was right from who was wrong.  Today is probably even tougher, as so many views are competing for our attention.  So how can be know what to listen to and what to dismiss?  What proves that someone is telling the truth and on the right track?   John gives us some clear and very helpful pointers.

Come and join the conversation at 8 p.m. on Sunday in the Church Centre.

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